As Bitzone team, we aim to enable users to make more advantageous purchases in our NFT marketplace, stock market, pay brokerage and gaming activities with AR, VR, AI technologies we offer without profit.



Security With






Our Vision

As Bitzone team, we aim to provide a safer and happier user base in our technology activities that we offer without profit.

  • AR/VR Technologies Dec
  • AI (Artificial Intelligence ) Technologies
  • Secure pay-through services
  • Stock exchange services
  • Game activities

Perfect Team

A professional team that has achieved high-level success in financial activities from the past to the present and has no borders in the technology marketplace.


Bitzone reserves the permission of keyless encryption, secret key encryption, public key encryption, information, communication and access.

Current Technologies

With our AR and VR technologies, you can exhibit and sell your NFT collections in virtual environments. Dec. You can easily create your own NFT collection with our artificial intelligence technology.

Awesome Collections

Discover the NFT collections of many creative and well-known collectors on our marketplace.

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