Top current NFT projects; Who are them? What are they doing? And their statistics

Exploring the Leading NFT Projects: An In-Depth Analysis of Prominent Players, Their Initiatives, and Key Metrics.

February 4, 2023


Non-fungible tokens are unique digital assets that are stored on a blockchain, such as Ethereum. They are called "non-fungible" because they cannot be exchanged for other tokens or assets on a one-to-one basis like traditional cryptocurrencies (which are called "fungible" tokens). Instead, each NFT is unique and has its own set of attributes and characteristics that make it distinct from other NFTs.

NFT collections are groups of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that are typically related to a particular theme or concept. People may buy NFT collections for a variety of reasons, such as to collect and trade rare and unique digital items, to support the creators of the NFTs, or for the potential appreciation in value over time.

NFT collections may include a variety of different types of digital assets, such as art, collectibles, in-game items, music, and more. Some NFT collections may be created by individual artists or creators, while others may be developed by larger organizations or companies.

Many people who buy NFT collections are collectors or investors who are interested in acquiring rare or unique digital assets that may increase in value over time. Others may be fans of the themes or concepts represented by the NFTs in the collection, and may want to show their support for the creators by purchasing their work. Some people may also buy NFT collections simply for the enjoyment of owning and displaying digital items that are meaningful to them.

Here are some top NFT projects and their success…

Bored Ape Yacth Club

Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) is an NFT project by Yuga Labs. It contains a collection of unique NFT 10,000-pixel avatars on the Ethereum blockchain. The NFTs in the collection act as keys to an exclusive club with a growing list of benefits.

Although first launched in April of 2021, this NFT project has quickly become one of the well-known NFTs and looks competitive. The popularity of BAYC is greatly attributed to celebrity sponsorships. Numerous companies and celebrities have been persuaded by BAYC to purchase items from its NFT collection. One of the companies adding to the excitement over the NFT collection is Adidas. In collaboration with Bored Ape Yacht Club, Gmoney, and PUNKS Comic, Adidas unveiled "Into the Metaverse," a native digital collectible. Following the collaboration, BAYC tweeted a picture of a Bored Ape sporting an Adidas jacket, Gmoney tweeted a silhouette of a person wearing an Adidas sweater, and PUNKS Comic tweeted a picture of a person sporting an Adidas-branded shirt. Beyond those already stated, other famous people that purchased BAYC include NBA superstar Steph Curry, billionaire Mark Cuban, well-known DJ and Twitter personality Steve Aoki, Twitter musicians Post Malone and Mike Shinoda, and producer and composer Timbaland.

The total sales volume for Bored Ape Yacht Club was $39.58M. The average price of one Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT was $80.9k. There are 6.182 Bored Ape Yacht Club owners, owning a total supply of 9,998 tokens.


CryptoPunks was founded by Larva Labs. The CryptoPunks are the 24×24-pixel, 8-bit-style unique avatar that is a NFT image. They are considered a piece of art and a new form of asset tokenization that is highly valuable on the NFT marketplace, sometimes selling for millions of dollars.

There are 10,000 of these images, which are pixelated, punky-looking images that depict both male and female characters, as well as those that mimic zombies, apes, and aliens. Each punk is one of a kind and is sold both by individual owners and at prestigious auction houses, such as Christie’s and Sotheby’s, sometimes for very high prices.

Overall, Cryptopunks are considered valuable because they represent the first NFT collection ever to be created on the ETH blockchain.The highest-value CryptoPunk collection was sold for 124,457 ETH, equivalent to 532 million USD.

Celebrity ownership of CryptoPunks can increase the tokens’ value. Among the well-known people who own CryptoPunks are:

  • Jay-Z, an American rapper, songwriter, and producer, bought his first punk in April 2021 for more than $120,000 worth of ETH.

  • Rapper and entrepreneur Snoop Dogg owns nine CryptoPunks, including two zombie punks worth $2 million each.

Tennis champion Serena Williams owns CryptoPunk 2950, a gift from her husband, Alexis Ohanian, the co-founder of Reddit.

CryptoPunks NFTs were sold 35 times in the last 7 days. The total sales volume for CryptoPunks was $2.74M. The average price of one CryptoPunks NFT was $78.2k. There are 3.661 CryptoPunks owners, owning a total supply of 9.998 tokens.


Azuki is a collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) created by Chiru Labs, a Los Angeles-based start-up founded by artists and engineers. Japanese animation had an influence on this NFT project.

Early in 2022, the Azuki project was just begun, setting a new record by selling out 8,700 characters in under 3 minutes while earning over 29 million USD.

Azuki NFTs provide their holders advantages in addition to excellent art, such as: "Membership access to The Garden: a corner of the internet where artists, builders, and web3 aficionados congregate to create a decentralized future. Access to exclusive drops, activities, and more is available to Azuki holders.

It’s also important to note that the overall market strategy of Azuki seems to be working pretty well. Once the series started catching speed, the team announced a much-anticipated airdrop to its holders, rewarding them for their loyalty while also furthering the Azuki brand and taking it to another level.

Azuki NFTs were sold 1250 times in the last 7 days. The total sales volume for Azuki was $17.71M. The average price of one Azuki NFT was $14.2k. There are 5.016 Azuki owners, owning a total supply of 10.000 tokens.


Doodles is a collection of 10,000 generative NFTs created by Evan Keast, Scott Martin, and Jordan Castro. The team uses “working aliases” and are known as Tulip, Burnt Toast, and Poopie respectively. Before Doodles, Keast and Castro were already well-established in the NFT community, as they helped launch the legendary NFT project known as CryptoKitties in 2017. Martin, meanwhile, had been minting his own pieces and growing his creative brand within the NFT space for about a year.

Considering the young age of the Doodles project, it’s incredible to see the growth and accomplishments achieved by this project and its three founders. Currently, the collection has amassed around 141,000 ETH in secondaries. While Doodles still has quite a ways to go before they’re seen as a true contender for the PFP NFT crown currently held by the Bored Ape Yacht Club — which has generated upwards of 629,000 ETH to date — the collection of vibrant characters has undoubtedly won the hearts of countless NFT enthusiasts.

What’s more, the Doodles project is showing no signs of slowing down, even as crypto prices continue to fluctuate greatly since its conception. From live, immersive events to unique, innovative project development, the company has onboarded a range of talent to the team, including former President of Billboard Julian Holguin as CEO and none other than Pharrell Williams as Chief Branding Officer.

NFTs were sold 1515 times in the last 7 days. The total sales volume for Doodles was $12.36M. The average price of one Doodles NFT was $8.2k. There are 5.445 Doodles owners, owning a total supply of 10.000 tokens.

Mutant Ape Yacth Club

Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC), a non-fungible token (NFT) offshoot collection of the popular Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) collection, comprises 20,000 unique Mutant Ape digital art images. 

Half of the collection was sold in a public auction, while the rest were created by existing BAYC NFT holders who “exposed” their Bored Ape to a “vial” of airdropped “Mutant Serum.”

Each Mutant Ape created from an existing Bored Ape shares the original’s traits, but with mutated variations.

Mutant Ape Yacht Club was among the first NFT collections to reward an existing community of holders with a free and entirely new NFT.

Mutant Ape Yacht Club NFTs were sold 1061 times in the last 7 days. The total sales volume for Mutant Ape Yacht Club was $18.86M. The average price of one Mutant Ape Yacht Club NFT was $17.8k. There are 12.446 Mutant Ape Yacht Club owners, owning a total supply of 19.430 tokens.

Cool Cats

Cool Cats are non-fungible tokens (NFTs) representing 9,999 hand-illustrated cats, each with an algorithmically generated set of traits. 

Each cat depicted within the series has its own unique set of features, a combination of some of the hundreds of different traits found in the collection. Trait combinations, including different body shapes, facial expressions, clothes and accessories, help to ensure that no two cats in the collection are the same.

The team is building on the brand’s popularity by incorporating new gaming mechanics and features into Cool Cats NFTs. In the first quarter of 2022, Cool Cats launched the Adventurer’s Guild. Collectors can earn the project’s native social token, MILK, by completing quests with their Cool Cats NFTs. MILK is an ERC-20 cryptocurrency token that can be exchanged for randomized prizes.

An additional 19,999 NFTs were created under the moniker Cool Pets in February 2022. The Cool Cats team also plans on developing more gaming features and ways for collectors to interact with their NFT companions.

Cool Cats NFT NFTs were sold 463 times in the last 7 days. The total sales volume for Cool Cats NFT was $1.46M. The average price of one Cool Cats NFT NFT was $3.2k. There are 5.589 Cool Cats NFT owners, owning a total supply of 9.960 tokens.


The Clone X NFT collection consists of 20,000 digital avatars that have anime-style designs. There are eight DNA types and more than 300 traits, with a Clone's DNA determining its rarity.

There are a few things that make Clone X NFTs special, and it starts with the creator. Murakami is a well-known artist whose work often fetches high prices. For fans of Murakami and his art style, the Clone X collection is a way to own one of his digital pieces.

A Clone X is also a way to enter the RTFKT ecosystem. RTFKT focuses on metaverse products, such as digital wearables. Owners of Clone X NFTs can get special benefits with RTFKT, including access to real-world events and early opportunities to buy NFTs from new collections.

CLONE X - X TAKASHI MURAKAMI NFTs were sold 2186 times in the last 7 days. The total sales volume for CLONE X - X TAKASHI MURAKAMI was $15.87M. The average price of one CLONE X - X TAKASHI MURAKAMI NFT was $7.3k. There are 9.688 CLONE X - X TAKASHI MURAKAMI owners, owning a total supply of 19,444 tokens.

Otherdeed for Otherside

The Otherside Metaverse is a 3D virtual world based on the Bored Ape Yacth Club project. It is an MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) where, according to the project team, up to 10,000 players can simultaneously interact and voice chat with each other.  There are 200,000 parcels of land within The Otherside metaverse. Each parcel is represented by its Otherdeeds token and each piece of land has one or more of the four resource types. The metaverse experience will expand the utility of the BAYC NFTs even further and allow players to bring all kinds of third-party NFTs into the game. As with other metaverse projects, players can explore an open world, go on quests, own land, and harvest resources.  There are four kinds of resources that players can extract and use within the virtual world: Anima, Ore, Shard, and Root. Artifacts are another essential element of The Otherside gameplay experience and are rare collectible in-game assets.

Otherdeed for Otherside NFTs were sold 4694 times in the last 7 days. The total sales volume for Otherdeed for Otherside was $10.91M. The average price of one Otherdeed for Otherside NFT was $2.3k. There are 33.688 Otherdeed for Otherside owners, owning a total supply of 99,999 tokens.


y00ts is a new non-fungible token project that allows users to make and sell PFPs. As a bonus, it's on the Solana blockchain.

This NFT project is by Dust Labs, which is also the team behind the famous DeGods NFT collection that recently hit an all-time high price in SOL.

The y00ts NFT collection is centered on a sheep avatar, with layers of metadata to give y00ts their unique characteristics. There are a total of 15,000 NFTs in this collection, each one available to mint for 375 DUST tokens.

Solana project DeGods is a digital art collection, but it's also a community full of developers, creators, artists and other innovators. Dust Labs, meanwhile, is a software company that specializes in benefiting holders by raising the value of NFTs. Considering the success of both DeGods and Dust Labs, it's hard to think of a better founding duo.

y00ts NFTs were sold 833 times in the last 7 days. The total sales volume for y00ts was $1.61M. The average price of one y00ts NFT was $1.9k. There are 6.057 y00ts owners, owning a total supply of 12,369 tokens.

* The weekly statistics for the collections represent the period between 16.12.2022 and 23.12.2022.

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